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    SVG to JPG Conversion

    SVGs are vector-based image files made up of points, lines, curves, and polygons. An SVG file is filled with lines of code that describe these aspects. A vector image reader can then interpret this code to create an image on a display. This sounds complicated, but it has one huge advantage, which is the ability to make an image any size with no loss of image quality.

    Meanwhile, JPGs are raster images. This format uses a grid of pixels with each pixel containing one color. When viewing the full grid, the pixels appear to create an image, kind of like a mosaic. JPGs are usually smaller in file size and are far easier to edit. However, their very nature prevents them from being scalable, so they are not as useful for resizing as we see with SVGs.

    Why should you convert SVG to JPG?

    There are a few reasons why you’d want to convert an SVG image to a JPG image. One might be making it easier to edit. SVGs need a vector-based image editor, but most people are more accustomed to raster-based image editors, such as Adobe Lightroom and Microsoft Paint. If you need to edit an SVG but want to use Lightroom, converting to JPG would make that possible.

    Another reason to convert SVG to JPG is for sharing online. If a website or app accepts image uploads, it’s almost guaranteed it accepts JPGs. It is unlikely, however, that it would accept an SVG. Instagram, for example, does not accept SVGs but does accept JPGs.

    These are just a few reasons why our SVG conversion tool might be helpful!

    How to convert SVG files to JPG for free?

    To begin the conversion process using our 100% free online tool, you’ll first need to upload one or up to 20 SVG files. If you have more than 20 conversions, don’t worry: you can repeat these steps as much as you like without cost.

    First, hit the “UPLOAD FILES” button and upload your SVGs. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop your files if your system supports that.

    Once the upload begins, you’ll see our server convert your SVG(s) in real time. A thumbnail for each image will appear in the queue with a progress bar underneath. Once the conversion finishes, you’ll see a “DOWNLOAD” button. Hit that to grab your new JPG.

    If you’ve uploaded more than one file, however, we recommend waiting until all conversions are done. When they are, hit the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button. This grabs a ZIP archive with all your JPGs inside. This will save you lots of time!

    If you have more conversions to do, that’s fine. Simply hit the “CLEAR QUEUE” button and start the process over by uploading up to 20 more SVGs.

    Is it safe to convert SVG to JPG?

    Your security and privacy are our primary concerns. Our conversion tool is completely safe to use. We do not collect any private information about you and we do not hold onto any of your uploaded files. Our server is unmanned and automatically deletes all uploads and conversions after just 60 minutes.

    Likewise, your files are safe. When you upload an SVG, our server creates a copy of that file and then converts the copy to a JPG. Your original SVG stays safe on your computer or mobile device. If you are unhappy with your converted file, you can always go back to the master SVG.